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Cold storage room for fruits and vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables form an important part of any balanced diet, but their freshness can be somewhat fleeting if they aren't stored correctly. An excellent approach to extend the life span of your produce is using a cold storage room. These are storage areas that preserve fruits and vegetables in a predetermined temperature as well as humidity level. We will explore the correct ways to store fresh produce into a cold room storage from EMTH, why you should use it, what are built-in features (optional) when purchasing one out of many available on market today and how to improve its performance; and expert advice for maintaining clean and safe environment for those fruits veggies.

How to Store Fruits and Vegetables in Cold Room

Temperature regulation is the single most important factor in storing fresh produce properly. Fruits and vegetables should be kept between 32°F and 55° F; some lose flavor or texture if held outside this range—tomatoes are an example. Instead, higher temperatures can quicken the ripening process of fruits such as apples and bananas - in some cases turning produce bad prematurely. This means more than just keeping the correct temperature inside of your cool room storage from EMTH, but doing so reliably. Also, Humidity is a very important factor in fresh veggie fridge life. Different fruits and vegetable will shrivel when humidity levels are below optimal, whilst high-humid environments can permit rotting produce to develop mold. It should be kept at around 85%-95% humidity for the best. 


Why it makes sense to store your produce in a cold room 

The primary benefit of using a cold storage room is that it can help to keep your fruits and veggies fresh for longer, reducing food waste and costs. By adjusting temperature and humidity, you can keep your fruits or vegetables fresh for weeks at a time (or months in some cases) In addition, a cold storage room helps safely store the nutritional content of your produce through slowing down the loss of vitamins and minerals that begin as soon as obtain is reaped.

Why choose EMTH Cold storage room for fruits and vegetables?

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