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Cold room for fruits and vegetables

The Essential Cold Storage Guide for Fruits and Vegetables

Keeping perishable fruits and vegetables protected is essential when working with fresh produce. Every type of produce has specific temperature and humidity levels at which it will keep where its taste, appearance, the expectation that all is well in relation to simply nothing comes without any problem. For example, during harsh weather conditions a cold room is an overall solution to sustain the quality of fruits and vegetables for longer period. We will now talk about the important aspects of an efficient EMTH Cold Room and reasons why you are a missing out on a total game changer in your business.   

5 Must-Have for a Perfect Cold Room Storing Fruits and Vegetables

Temperature Control - The most important factor in any cold room is how well it can actually control the temperature. An ideal temperature for fruits and vegetables ranges between 40°F to 32°F with little variance of only a couple degrees. The particular temperature conditions retard the ripening procedure and maintains the product to live a lot longer for storage, leading its freshness as well.     

Handling Humidity- Different fruits and vegetables require varying degrees of humidity. Moisture Leafy greens: 85-95% Berries and Mushrooms: 85-90%.  This is why it is vital to keep the items fresh and juicy as they constitute a large part of our daily diet.   

Airflow -Maintaining uniform temperature and humidity throughout the cold room depends on proper airflow. EMTH cold room storage helps in stopping the generation of hot and cold spots along with halts by trapping moisture, bacteria as well as mold which can destroy vegetables.   

Insulation: To maintain the cold room temperature and humidifies as per requirement at all cost, insulation quality need to be very high and it should not let fluctuations due to external factors. Insulation of any sort not only maintains the freshness of your food and is a green approach to energy conservation as well.    

Convenient Access - The best raw fruit and vegetable cold room will allow for ease of access. The shelves must be constructed to hold a variety of different types of goods so the food does not mix and get crushed. It helps in organizing and streamlining warehouses, goods receipt and put away by using proper procedure for labeling, shelving, stacking process which provides greater access to material easily as there is a clean structure of Placement.   

Why choose EMTH Cold room for fruits and vegetables?

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