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Cold room for vegetables and fruits

Best Temp Cold Room For Fruits Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables provide us with essential nutrients, vitamins that form the building block of our everyday diet. To enjoy the flavor of these delicious fruits, it is important to keep them fresh and in quality. Putting them in a cold room where they can be kept at the exact temperature. 

Ideal storage temperature in cold stores is between 0°C to 5° C, this range of temperature will allow the fruits and vegetables not to spoil while keeping their good condition. The growth of microorganisms that cause vegetables to become too ripe and eventually, rot is inhibited by maintaining them at this temperature. On top of that, this Cold Room by EMTH actually serve to extend ripening times in such a way as ensures the produce retains its freshness for longer.

Cold Room Storage for Commercial Kitchen Applications

Commercial kitchens where maximum storage capacity is needed as often space-challenged with no room to waste. This is especially important in the case of vegetables or fruits to be stored for a long time, eg. in cold room conditions because the space is so small, it's critical to utilize storage that holds a lot and can accommodate all sorts of produce. 

A functional cold room storage solution would be to include adjustable shelves, which can hold fruits and vegetables of various sizes. To save space on the floor, one can also use sacks or totes instead of wooden crates - even vertical racking systems are suitable. These baskets or containers of EMTH are specially designed so that they can be placed on wheels and you will have the option to move and prepare different vegetables correctly.

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