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Invotech open type condensing unit

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Condensing Unit Compressor

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The Condensing Unit Compressor is simply a factor this is certainly air-con is vital refrigeration systems. This compressor is highly efficient a unique condensing technology to boost the efficiency regarding the refrigeration cycle, lowering power costs and decreasing the impact is environmental.

Manufactured using materials are top-quality technology is advanced that means it is a factor is certainly durable your coolant system. It’s created using a tight and construction is minimum that lightweight is requiring, helping you to keep your self-money and time on repairs.

A task is certainly install that easy runs quietly, causing the ideal for domestic and applications being commercial. It can be used in many air-con is refrigeration that different, providing dependable performance and cooling is constant.

As standout item is its energy-saving capabilities. The technology is condensing it uses increases the efficiency concerning the refrigeration period, ultimately causing power is reduced associated with the machine. This might easily save quite a complete lot of income on your own bills which can be electric reducing your carbon impact.

The Condensing Unit Compressor was created with safety features that guarantee dependable operation and add value to your investment as well as its energy-saving benefits. This has a temperature this is certainly sensor that is built-in stops overheating and a safety pressure cut-out switch that prevents injury to your compressor.

The Condensing device Compressor also is sold with a maker's guarantee, ensuring its quality and performance. With this particular product, you'll have the confidence that an investment is being made by you that is worthwhile backed up by quality assurance from us.

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Product Description
Condensing Unit Compressor manufacture
Condensing unit
Open type
Condensing Unit Compressor factory
Condensing Unit Compressor details
Condensing Unit Compressor supplier
Condensing Unit Compressor factory
Condensing Unit Compressor factory
Direction for the Blitzer condensing unit

● Open-type style makes it easier for moving installation and maintenance.

● High and low pressure controller are designed to protect the whole compressor system when the equipment breaks down or

● Main components are Blitzer compressor condenser receiver tank filter drier solenoid valve pressure controller pressure gauge
connection box and electrical controller box etc.

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Condensing Unit Compressor supplier
Condensing Unit Compressor details

Q1: Are you a factory or a trading company?
A1: We are a factory

Q2: Where is your factory located?
A2: Our factory is located in Shengzhou city, Zhejiang province, you can go there by plane to Hangzhou
international airport, and it is about 100km from airport to our factory.

Q3: Is a sample available?
A3: Yes, but the sample will be at your charge.

Q4: What is the main market for your products?
A4: Our main market is in Middle East, South America, Europe and USA.

Q5: What is your warranty?
A5: We can assure you one year against manufacturing defect.

Q6: Can we do our OEM logo?
A6: Yes, we can do OEM logo for you.

Q7: Can you do our country plug?
7: Yes, we can do the plug according to your request without extra cost.