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Industrial angled evaporator for cold room

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The EMTH brand has arrived up with a solution that is solid those that find themselves hunting for a commercial angled evaporator for cold spaces. The EMTH Industrial Angled Evaporator is made to make sure your cold room remains at just the right temperature, which is developed to last.

The merchandise is ideal for companies that want to help keep large quantities of perishable products. The design that is angled the evaporator helps to ensure that the cold atmosphere is distributed evenly through the whole room that is whole. This will be required for keeping constantly your products during the proper temperature and spoilage that is preventing.

The EMTH Industrial Angled Evaporator is created to withstand the needs of a setting that is industrial. It is created using durable materials that may withstand environments that could be harsh that will be designed to be super easy to steadfastly keep up. The evaporator has a design that is easy causes it to be simple to completely clean and repair as needed.

One of the many standout highlights of this product is its power effectiveness. The EMTH Industrial Angled Evaporator is built to use very power that is little you are able to so your energy costs low. This might be an advantage this is certainly huge companies that are looking to save tons of money on their power bills.

Another function that is fantastic of EMTH Industrial Angled Evaporator is its compact size. The evaporator is surprisingly compact despite its effective cooling abilities. This will make it super easy to set up in your space that is cool without on space that is in excess.

The evaporator may also be an easy task to install along with its size. It comes with clear guidelines and all sorts of sorts of related to equipment that is make that is important a piece of cake. This means you can have your cold room up and running very quickly.

Products Description
We are the factory for refrigeration equipment.All of our products can accept customization and OEM, the accessories of the products are UL certified and our products in the course of processing and are subject to stringent quality inspection before delivery, if there is a need, we photographed in the process every step of the process can be sent to customers.
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Model D Series Air cooler/Cooling Fan/ Evaporator is a type of cooling equipment applied to vrious of refrigeratories like frozing, storing and freshing food. Model D series have the three types: DL, DD, DJ, which can meet different requirement ontemperature. Model DL applies to 0 degree freshness storehouse. Model DD applies to -18 degree cold storage. Model DJ applies to -25 degree quick-frozen storage.
Product Paramenters
This charge is about DL series evaporator paramenters,they is suitable for freshness of storage.The room temperature is around 0℃.
If you don't know which model is suitable for you, you could send message to us.We have several professional engineers to make a customized solution for you.


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A1: We are a factory

Q2: Where is your factory located?
A2: Our factory is located in Shengzhou city, Zhejiang province, you can go there by plane to Hangzhou
international airport, it is about 100km from airport to our factory.

Q3: Is a sample available?
A3: Yes, but the sample will be at your charge.

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A4: Our main market is in Middle East, South America, Europe and USA.

Q5: What is your warranty?
A5: We can assure you one year against manufacturing defect.

Q6:Can we do our OEM logo?
A6:Yes, we can do OEM logo for you.

Q7:Can you do our country plug?
A7:Yes, we can do the plug according to your request without extra cost.