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With more than 20 years of refrigeration equipment production experience in the source factory in Santiago, Chile

2024-06-20 00:05:03
With more than 20 years of refrigeration equipment production experience in the source factory in Santiago, Chile

The company has been in production of refrigeration equipment for more than 20 years in the source factory in Santiago of Chile. 


We present to your attention our refrigeration equipment that has been developed through over twenty years of experience not only in our own factory-supply. Among all the available models and brands, the refrigeration unit by EMTH has all the most useful features necessary to always keep your food fresh. Furthermore, it is safe to use the product, and it is environmentally friendly. 



Someone with our refrigeration equipment has all the encouragement which is many and is ideal for preserving our meals fresh. First of all, its has a storage capacity big therefore it can hold more than one type of food product. Second, it is energy efficient, and this implies that you will be saved because of it, on your electric bills. Lastly, a state-of-the-art is had because of its design; which can blend with cooking area interior to make it look elegant. 


Because of this outstanding features which goes a long way in being revolutionary our refrigeration equipment. We now have an arrangement of technology sensible can alert and diagnose a challenge inside the equipment it or not. Moreover, it has an air exclusive system in the refrigeration condensing unit to clean the air inside the equipment making your food fresh and good for consumption for a lot longer time than you expect it to became stale. 


Security is apparent to this is exactly why our possibilities for used refrigeration equipment were made secure. We have incorporated safety measures that include a child-lock option, a temperature control process, and lights to inform the users that the machinery is on or off. We also use organic material that is non-hazardous to the lives of human beings and does not harm the surroundings. 

How to make use of:

Operating our line of refrigeration equipment is very easy and it does not require the user to go through any form of complex process. Before switching off the connection, it also holds to link within the equipment, set the necessary temperature and wait until it shows it cools. Once it has got to your desired high temperature, you would be able to put in the meals products. We offer the users a guide which helps you to understand the ways of properly using and maintaining of the equipment. 


We appreciate our clients, this is why we also pay much attention to the quality of the customer service we provide. Additionally, we’ve got a dedicated group of a customer care of individuals who had a problem with the equipment that you can call. Furthermore, warrants and services: making certain that your equipment is often in good shape after the sale. 


Through refrigeration equipment, the quality used is high-quality material which is durable and durable. We ensure that our stainless, it will in a position to withstand all forms of corrosion and tough. Furthermore, the equipment used are verified for its qualitative performance before it is released to the theaters to the market. As for the refrigeration equipment, we are committed to which our product shall serve a long period in the future. 


On the applications, we would have refrigeration equipment that would effectively respond to the following. It can be fitting of one’s home true, as an application in a restaurant, or just as a resort. Besides, can store various foods simultaneously, for example, vegetables or meat and beverages and other kinds of foods. It’s especially ideal for anyone who wants to maintain a high level of healthy food consumption.