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Chill with the Air-Cooled Condenser

Is your electricity bill in summer sky high from having the air conditioner running all day? Do you need relief from the heat when you’re outside? Then look no further than an EMTH condenser for walk in cooler. This post will provide some benefits, innovation, safety precautions, usage instructions and quality details about this product.



The major benefit of using an air-cooled condenser is its ability to cost-effectively cool any space or air conditioning unit.  Traditional A/Cs use more power than an EMTH outside condenser unit does which means higher electric bills. It also lasts longer and requires less maintenance. Besides that, it is portable hence can be moved easily from one place to another.


Why choose EMTH Condenser air cooler?

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How to Use

It is simple indeed fill cold tap water or ice cubes (if desired) into EMTH freezer condensers tank then plug into power socket outlet followed by switching on device selecting required level of coolness (low, medium, high). Within few minutes one starts feeling nice and chilled. That’s all!



This product has always been known for both reliability and quality however in case anything goes amiss with your EMTH freezer condenser at any given time there’s a team of professional customer care service attendants who are dedicated to helping you out immediately. Moreover, manufacturer provides warranty cover so that users can fully exploit their purchase.



Made from strong materials that withstand severe conditions as well as being durable too. Has undergone rigorous testing processes meeting relevant safety standards. Delivers uniform powerful cooling effect with EMTH cooler condenser unit therefore can be depended upon whenever need arises.


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