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Walk-In Cold Store for Your Business 

A walk-in cold store is a refrigerated room used to keep food and other perishables at low temperatures. EMTH walk in chiller solves the storage dilemma by providing a secure way to store goods for long periods of time without spoiling. 

Walk in cold rooms provide a wide range of benefits to businesses. Here are some few benefits which you need to know: 

Maintaining Quality: It maintains the quality of products including, freshness, flavor and nutritional value over extended periods. 

Efficient space – It is spacious which give way for huge volumes of goods, making access easy. 

Savings: It is cost efficient and cuts down company expenses by reducing electricity consumption or wastage.

Latest Advancements

Walk-in cold stores have features which maintains optimum safety and efficiency. Here are a few of the most recent walk in cold room innovations: 

Improved Insulation: Newer models are made for better insulation and superior energy efficiency. 

Weather control: It regulates the temperature and dampness levels while keeping up a solid group of items. 

Security measures: It has alarms, automatic door locks and back-up generators keeping your products safely stored. 

Flexibility: It has adjustable shelves, racks and internal fittings to make the best use of space.

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