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Semi hermetic condensing unit

A semi-hermetic condensing unit is a new device with many abilities. The special feature of this EMTH Bitzer open type condensing unit is that it has got a shell, which houses all necessary components in it. we shall discuss about what makes it good to use such system, how does it work, where can we apply it and maintain easily.



There are several advantages offered by a semi-hermetic condensing unit. Firstly, its design allows for easy maintenance and repair. Unlike other types of condensers, the EMTH Condensing unit can be opened up easily thus reducing the downtime required for servicing as well as lowering costs incurred during this time. On top of that, the sealed housing protects internal parts from external elements thereby increasing their life span.


Why choose EMTH Semi hermetic condensing unit?

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How to Use

Before anything else make sure that it has been installed by a licensed technician properly. After all the EMTH L Type Condensing Units are gone, you will have to set the temperature according to your liking then it takes care of itself and keeps heat around within certain limits.



Regular servicing is necessary for keeping this machine running well; hence it should undergo thorough checkup at least once every year by an authorized dealer otherwise EMTH U Type Condensing Unit. During such visits various parts may need inspection, cleaning or replacement if found faulty.



This semi-hermetic condensing unit is of high quality.   Open type condensing unit have been built following strict standards so that they can offer reliable service to their users. Besides being safe under different conditions selected components during manufacturing process were efficient durable also there is a warranty against faults happening within specified period of time after purchase.


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