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Cold room for fish storage

Need of Cold Rooms To Keep Fresh Fish in Good Shape

How To Prevent Spoilage For any of you fishing enthusiasts, one obvious challenge with fish is what happens if it spoils. This is the main reason why EMTH walk in cold storage are such an important role in the fish business for us because that would definitely help keep our dead fishes fresh until they are sold out. Here we will describe in detail about cold room, and why do you need it while storing fish.

Types of fish cold room

When needing to store fish, there are different types of cooling storage room for specific purposes:

Coldfreezer Room:- This is a specialized room where fish are quickly frozen and using this kind of technique, the preservation period of such products can be greatly enlarged.

Fish is moved in a tunnel where it freezes every season each fishy by personal, which provides maximum preserving speeds and efficiency.

Chiller Cold Room - for maintaining a cold temperature that does not reach freezing, this is best used in areas where requirements of chilled meat and fish storage are met.

Multi-Purpose Cold Room: A room capable of storing various types of fish in the same.

Name-Cold Room Solar: is the name of an innovative fish storage condition maintaining solution that runs on solar power which costs zero and eco-friendly as well.

Why choose EMTH Cold room for fish storage?

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