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Cold room evaporator fan motor

Advantages of Chilly Room Evaporator Fan Motor 

How important is the cold room evaporator fan motor in a commercial refrigeration? This motor is responsible to controlling the temperature and humidity levels in the cold storage area, so that perishable products stays fresh without any spoilage. The evaporator fan motor ensures that the heat energy within a space is evenly transferred by moving air through it, in turn controlling temperature. 

The effectiveness of a walk in cooler condenser fan motor from EMTH can be significantly improved by cold room evaporator fan motor, being one of the main advantages. Additionally, these drives are engineered to run at low noise levels which makes them ideal for applications such as intralogistics. 

Troubleshooting common issues related to cold room evaporator fan motor

Despite being indispensable cold room evaporator fan motors are prone to multiple problems like wearing out, electrical malfunctions and showing signs of motor breakdown. These issues normally present themselves as unfamiliar noises or weak air flow around the refrigerated area. These are the issues that need to be addressed right away so that we can mitigate costs and downtime as much as possible. 

Motor failure is a common cold room evaporator fan motor problem. If the motor does not work, of course the fan will likewise be stationary and we do not get cool air in our cold room so that items stored inside can decay. Failure of the EMTH motor may require replacing the entire fan assembly. 

Fan blades bent - foreign object that got in the way of industrial axial fan or obstacles came into contact with it are also not rare. The motor vibrates and produces strange sounds, moreover the cold room in which it is installed may provide less air supply as long attacks of wind did not damage legs. Fixing the fan involves either a new set of blades or an entirely new unit. 

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