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The Cold Room Unit is an essential appliance for businesses that require temperature-controlled storage space. Whether it's for storing food, medicine, or other products, this unit is designed to meet your exact needs while maintaining optimal temperatures and conditions.

Designed with top-quality materials and technology is advanced the Cold Room Unit is just a dependable and efficient solution for all you cool storage space requirements. The machine has the capacity to keep constant and accurate conditions, making sure your items remain fresh and safe for longer periods of the time having its advanced level refrigeration system.

Made with simplicity of use at heart along with its cutting-edge refrigeration technology. Its user-friendly software enables simple and easy monitoring is efficient control of heat settings, moisture levels, as well as other key functions. Which means that it is possible to handle and keep your cool storage space product without the knowledge is specific training.

Another function is excellent of Cold Room Unit is its power effectiveness. The machine has the capacity to reduce power usage and minimize operating costs simply by using higher level insulation materials and energy-saving technology. This not merely saves you cash in electricity bills but in addition helps you to lower your company's carbon impact.

When it comes to quality and durability, the Cold Room Unit is built to last. Designed to withstand even the toughest conditions and regular use, this unit is highly resilient and requires minimal maintenance. Plus, with its sleek and modern design, it will look great in any commercial setting.

So why wait? Invest in a Cold Room Unit today and take your business to the next level.

Product Description
Cold room structure
EMTH cold room consists of cold room panel (PU sandwich panel), cold room door, condensing unit, evaporator (air
cooler),temperature controller, air curtain, copper pipe, expansion valve and other refrigeration fittings.

Cold room applications
Cold room is widely used in food industry and others, like supermarkets, meat processing plant,cold chain logistics,restaurants,
In food industry, cold room is usually used in food process factory, slaughterhouse, fruit and vegetable
warehouse,supermarket,hotel, restaurant, etc.
In supermarkets, cold room is usually used in cold storage, keeping fresh etc.
Other related industries, such logistics center and grocery store, they also need cold room.
Design principle

1. What is the application of the cold room?
It will affect the temperature of cold room needed to be, and the choice of thickness of up panel and material covered on panel.
2. What is the size of the cold room?
It will affect the choice of condensing unit and air cooler, basing on the cold room temperature.
3. Which country will the cold room be located in? How about the climate?
It will affect the choice of voltage and condenser, if the temperature is high all the year, we need to choose condenser with bigger evaporation area.

Application for example

Room Temperature

Fruit & Vegetable

-5 to 10 ℃

Chemical factory

0 to 5 ℃

Ice cream, ice storage room

-10 to -5 ℃

Frozen meat storage

-25 to -18 ℃

Fresh meat storage

-40 to -30 ℃


Can cold room size be customized?

Yes, the cold room size depends on you. For example, 2*2*3m, 4*3*2m, 5*5*3m cold room size is usually used.

Why does other supplier’s price lower than us?

The environmentally friendly PU material we use, the density is 44kg/m3. What’s more, original new international compressor ensures high efficiency saving at least 20% annual energy loss.

How can you build cold room?
We can provide localization services for customers in 14 countries including (Russia, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, Israel, Jordan, Belgium, Ecuador, Guatemala, Malaysia, and Moldova), we can also provide online guidance services for you to solve your worries.

How to identify the cold room door’s quality?

The steel, hardware, gasket, heater, lock, etc., all decide the quality. And we use 0.5mm color plate, hinges, etc.