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The Digital Controlled Cold Room is the perfect solution for businesses that require temperature-controlled storage for their products. Whether it is food, medicine, or any other temperature-sensitive item, our cold room ensures the maintenance of a precise temperature range.

Our Digital Controlled Cold Room features technology that is advanced is easy to work with and run. Using settings being electronic you'll be able to effectively prepare and adjust temperature settings, making sure your products or services or solutions are held in optimal conditions.

Also has features being let that is energy-efficient save energy while working. This particular feature that is specific simply helps it be eco-friendly and also actually really helps to reduce your energy bills.

Made with top-notch materials and precision engineering, our room that is cold is usually to last. Its framework that is durable would for industrial-grade use and that will withstand high degrees of traffic in busy commercial areas, that makes it an alternative that is ideal restaurants, hospitals, and pharmaceutical businesses.

For sale in a selection of sizes, permitting organizations to select the one that matches their storage space demands. The space that is cool inside is made to optimize area and enable items to be saved effectively, saving effort and time with regards to arranging.

Easy to maintain, which is vital for busy commercial environments. The interior is easy to clean, and the system is designed to minimize the growth of bacteria, mold, and other harmful microorganisms, guaranteeing the safety of your products.

Features are designed to keep your products safe and secure. An alarm system alerts you when there is any deviation from the preset temperature range, and the door is designed to provide a tight seal to prevent any loss of cold air.

With the Digital Controlled Cold Room, you can rest assured of the safety and quality of your products.

Product Description
Cold room structure
EMTH cold room consists of cold room panel (PU sandwich panel), cold room door, condensing unit, evaporator (air
cooler),temperature controller, air curtain, copper pipe, expansion valve and other refrigeration fittings.

Cold room applications
Cold room is widely used in food industry and others, like supermarkets, meat processing plant,cold chain logistics,restaurants,
In food industry, cold room is usually used in food process factory, slaughterhouse, fruit and vegetable
warehouse,supermarket,hotel, restaurant, etc.
In supermarkets, cold room is usually used in cold storage, keeping fresh etc.
Other related industries, such logistics center and grocery store, they also need cold room.
Design principle
How to get suitable cold room, the following factors should be fully considered:
1.What is the application of the cold room?
It will affect the temperature of cold room needed to be, and the choice of thickness of pu panel and material covered on panel.
2.What is the size of the cold room?
It will affect the choice of condensing unit and air cooler, basing on the cold room temperature.
3.Which country will the cold room be located in? How about the climate?
It will affect the choice of voltage and condenser, if the temperature is high all the year, we need to choose condenser with bigger evaporation area.

Application for example

Room Temperature

Fruit & Vegetable

-5 to 10 ℃

Chemical factory

0 to 5 ℃

Ice cream, ice storage room

-10 to -5 ℃

Frozen meat storage

-25 to -18 ℃

Fresh meat storage

-40 to -30 ℃

Can cold room size be customized?

Yes, the cold room size depends on you. For example, 2*2*3m, 4*3*2m, 5*5*3m cold room size is usually used.

Why does other suppliers price lower than us?

The environmentally friendly PU material we use, the density is 44kg/m3. What’s more, original new international compressor ensures high efficiency saving at least 20% annual energy loss.

How can you build cold room?
We can provide localization services for customers in 14 countries including (Russia, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, Israel, Jordan, Belgium, Ecuador, Guatemala, Malaysia, Moldova), we can also provide online guidance services for you to solve your worries.

How to identify the cold room door' s quality?

The steel, hardware, gasket, heater, lock, etc, all decide the quality. And we use 0.5mm color plate, hinges, etc.