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Cube Tube Flake Industrial Household Ice Maker

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Presenting the Cube Tube Flake Industrial home Ice Maker, proudly manufactured by the brand is trusted. This ice that revolutionary will work for households and settings are industrial want large degrees of ice, with no hassle of shopping for and storing bags of ice.

The Cube Tube Flake Industrial Household Ice Maker is built to make ice in a jiffy, producing as much as 220lbs of ice every day. The ice manufacturer consists of a panel is certainly enables are user-friendly to regulate the dimensions of ice, rendering it ideal for varied applications. This will ensure it is a choice that is perfect gatherings, events, camping trips, or commercial purposes.

One of many key top attributes of the Cube Tube Flake Industrial Household Ice Maker is its construction is compact that yet sturdy. The ice maker is created with durable metal that is stainless isn't just simple to clean but also resistant to rust and corrosion. Made with a compressor is certainly effective this ice maker guarantees ice-making that is fast making you be with fresh ice when you need it.

The Cube Tube Flake Industrial Ice is domestic Maker’s only efficient but also convenient. The unit is produced with a self-cleaning mechanism, rendering it excessively simple to maintain. Additionally, the ice maker is equipped by having an indicator this is certainly LED alerts you as soon as the ice tray is complete or requires sufficient water.

Along with this, the Cube Tube Flake Industrial domestic Ice Maker is portable, enabling you to move it from a place to some other effortlessly. It’s lightweight and design is lightweight it a suitable choice for little spaces. Therefore, the device may be used in homes, offices, ships, RVs, among other areas.

The Cube Tube Flake Industrial Household Ice Maker promises to save you both truly in a global where time is money. This ice is ultra-fast will not merely boost your efficiency but also cut costs that would be allocated to buying bags of ice. Plus, its efficiency and portability make sure it is the addition is perfect any setting.

Product Description
Applicable Industries
Food & Beverage Factory, Restaurant, Food Shop, Energy & Mining, Food & Beverage Shops
After Warranty Service
Video technical support, Online support
Core Components
Pressure vessel, Motor, Bearing, Gear, Engine, PLC
power supply
The daily capacity from 40kgs to 1000kgs, can meet all customers' ice demand
The parts of small commercial cube ice machine refrigerating unit are all fromAmerica,Germany, Japan and other countriesthat have leading refrigeration technology.
The whole system is controlled by automatic microcomputer. The ice machine can start and stop automatically to make theevaporator mechanical operation system and water suppling circulation system coordination matched and work safely &efficiently under the function of PLC programmable controller.
Why Choose Us

What can we do to help you buy ice machine ?

(1) We will need to confirm your exact requirement on the ice machine's daily capacity, how many tons of ice do you want to produce/consume per day?
(2) The install place power/water confirmation, for most big ice machines, will need run under 3 Phase industrial use power, most Europe/Asia countries is 380V/50Hz/3P, most North and South America countries are using 220V/60Hz/3P, please confirm with our salesman and make sure it is available in your factory.
(3) With all above details confirmed, then we are able to provide you the exact quotation and proposal, a Proforma Invoice will be provided to guide you the payment (T/T or L/C or Trade Assurance Order on directly) to close the deal, for all our standard design, we will need about 35~45 working days on the production.
(4) After the production done, the salesman will send you test report or video to confirm the ice machines production capacity and performance, then you can arrange the balance and we will arrange the delivery for you. All documents including the Bill of Lading, Commercial Invoice, and Packing List will be provided for your importation.
What type Ice machine can you get?
1. Industrial ice machine:
(1)Block ice machine: From 1Ton/24h to 30Ton/24h
(2)Tube ice machine: From 1Ton/24h to 30Ton/24h
(3)Cube ice machine: From 1Ton/24h to 20Ton/24h
(4)Flake ice machine: From 0.3Ton/24h to 30Ton/24h
(5)Plate ice machine: From 1Ton/24h to 40Ton/24h
(6)Bag ice machine: From 1Ton/24h to 30Ton/24h

2. Commerial ice machine:
(1)Cube ice machine: From 50kg/24h to 1000kg/24h
(2)Snow ice machine: From 100kg/24h to 500kg/24h
(3)Crescent ice machine: From 210kg/24h to 270kg/24h
Company Profile

Q1: Are you a factory or a trading company?

A1: We are a factory

Q2: Where is your factory located?
A2: Our factory is located in Shengzhou city, Zhejiang province, you can go there by plane to Hangzhou international airport, and it is about 100km from airport to our factory.

Q3: Is a sample available?

A3: Yes, but the sample will be at your charge.

Q4: What is the main market for your products?
A4: Our main market is in Middle East, South America, Europe and USA.

Q5: What is your warranty?
A5: We can assure you one year against manufacturing defect.

Q6: Can we do our OEM logo?
A6: Yes, we can do OEM logo for you.

Q7: Can you do our country plug?
A7: Yes, we can do the plug according to your request without extra cost.