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Talent Concept

Heiner is a river, and only talent is used.

All rivers run into sea,Only use is to use.

Talents with both ability and political integrity are the company's eternal pursuit, but morality and integrity are the primary criteria.
At the time of the company's full development, we are open-minded and welcome talents who are honest, thoughtful, promising and innovative to join us.
With a talented person, we will also be enthusiastic to hire.


  • Campus Recruiting
  • Social recruitment

Professional name

Number of recruits Details
Job details:

1. Work content: You need to be proficient in the company's various product knowledge, and carry out regular rotations in the sales, production and technology departments, familiar with the main work and necessary skills of each department; after the rotation, the company will arrange corresponding Position, as the focus of the company's future management. .

2, job requirements: skilled in the use of office, CAD drawing and other related software;

3, professional requirements: refrigeration and low temperature, mechanical and automation, thermal energy and power and other related majors graduated, English level 4 or above, college degree or above;

4. Other requirements: Being practical, rigorous, self-disciplined, and rational, with strong sense of responsibility and professionalism, with good coordination and communication skills, diligent and willing to learn;

5, the work address: Zhejiang Shengzhou, eat and pack;


Job details:
1. Work content: Responsible for product sales tasks in the areas under its jurisdiction; collect customer information and analyze industry customer characteristics, and actively explore new sales opportunities.

2, task requirements: all customers to achieve timely and effective communication to improve order conversion rate.

3. Existing platforms: social media, industry exhibitions, client software, etc.

4, professional requirements: with refrigeration professional, air conditioning and HVAC professional, mechanical and electrical professional priority, welcome new graduates to deliver.

5, ability requirements: strong customer communication skills and high business processing capabilities, with a good spirit of teamwork;


Job details:

1. Job Description: Contact and respond to the inquiry and customers on the platform of Ali platform, Google payment platform or exhibition, and make order conversion.

2, task requirements: all customers to achieve timely and effective communication to improve order conversion rate.

3, the existing platform: Ali International Station, Google paid platform, social media, industry exhibitions (the opportunity to go abroad to participate in and visit customers).

4. Learning opportunities: The company arranges regular product and professional knowledge training and external import training to help everyone grow.

5. Personal development: The company sets clear career planning and promotion channels for each salesperson. The assessment dimension: performance + attitude

6, professional requirements: English four or more, proficient in listening, speaking, reading, writing, international trade, business English major is preferred.

7, character requirements: positive, dare to dare to do, willing to share, have love! Decline all negative energy!

8. At the same time, the company pays attention to internal promotion. As long as you love learning, we will love to teach. As long as you get ready, better opportunities and a wider platform will come at any time!

Welfare policy

The comfortable working environment allows employees to enjoy the pleasure of leisure time. Here, every employee will gain the start of his career and the transformation of the workplace.

  • Festive condolences

  • Business insurance

  • Housing fund

  • Neat staff restaurant

  • Comfortable working environment

  • Annual health checkup

  • Statutory annual leave

  • Birthday condolences

  • Shuttle

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