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Cold Room Storage

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Could you please provide information as below when you send the inquiry
Room size : "m"( Length*width*height)?
What kind of goods will put into the room?(fresh or frozen)?
This projects will build in which country ? Whats the temp in summer over there?
How about voltage?

Dimension  Length (m) *Width (m)*Height (m)
Refrigeration unit Copeland / Bitzer etc
Refrigeration type  air cooled / water cooled / evaporation cooled
Refrigeration  R22 R404A R407 R408 Refrigerant 
Defrost Type Electric defrosting
Voltage 220V/50HZ 220V/60HZ 380V/50HZ 380V/60HZ optional 
Panel Polyurethane insulation panel 43kg/m3 fire retardant / EPS panel
Panel thickness 50mm75mm100mm150mm200mm
Type of door hanged door sliding door double swing door etc
Temp.of room -30~+20degree C optional 
Purpose of cold room  fruitvegetableflower fishmeat chicken medicine chemical electronicsetc.
Functions all necessary fittings are included optional
Fittings all necessary fittings are included optional
Place to assemble indoor/outdoor(concrete/construction building/steel construction building)

Product Line

Room temp Storage product Panel thickness
-5~20℃ Friit,Vegetable,Seed 100MM
-10℃ Ice,Ice cream 100MM
-18~-25℃ Meal.Fish,Chicken,Seafood 150MM
-35~-40℃ Meat,Fish,Chicken Seafood Quick Frozen 200MM
-40~-70℃ Fresh Beef,Fresh Seafood 200MM



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