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Screw parallel condensing unit

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Mechatronic integration structure,with small footprint,easy to operate maintain;

World-renowned compressor,withhighcooling capacity;

Adaptable for a wide range of temperatures;

Unique design of gas and liquid separation,greatly reducing the damage caused by liquid shocks due to fluctuation of  loads .

Humanized---beautiful appearanceeasy maintenance

Strictly-chosen best componentsfor quality assurance and stable and reliable operation;
Compact modular designto save space and investment costs;
Beautiful appearancereasonable layoutdetailed consideration and constant improvement;
Humanization desighwith components easy to replacelow cost for maintenance;
Flexible pipe fixationless vibration and noise.

Smart---one-touch operationremote communication

Intelligent controlenergy adjustable according to the real time loads; Online remote controlto reduce labor costs;  ulti-step energy adjustmentmore accurate in load matching.

Safe---multiple safety protection and alarm devices

Monitoring compressor motor and displacement temperature;Monitoring motor rotating direction;Monitoring default phase;Monitoring oil flowoil level and oil temperature;Monitoring high and low pressure;Hierarchical password protectionto prevent improper operation of non-professional persons.

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Unit Name Evaporation
SC070L2N -25 45 190.4
-25 40 202.2

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